Beautiful Red Arrows Wooden Model

Red Arrows Wooden ModelRed Arrows Wooden Model

I had a great idea last year to commission a company to make high-quality wooden yachts and to ship them to Cannes for distribution.  I found it very difficult to find the kind of models I was looking for but during my quest I met Emil and his wife.  They have been making and distributing very high-quality wooden models of planes for more than 20 years.  Their signature talent is making clear-canopy model planes, designed and made to order to any kind of customisation and any kind of aircraft.  They are also able to make other models such as cars, yachts, airships, helicopters etc.

I was able to see their work first-hand and instantly fell in love with their planes.  When you see the photos, you will be impressed.  When you touch the models, and have them in your own hands, you will be lost for words.

Each model is hand carved from wood and hand painted to give an incredibly smooth finish.  We met a few times and discussed working together - Emil and his wife are very kind, charming, hospitable and clearly very talented.

I am not an expert on aeroplanes at all, but I am very excited by anything to do with flying or space. I especially love watching videos of stunt planes. If you have not seen any acrobatic displays before, you should definitely watch this amazing video on youtube of the sensational Red Arrows.

Inspired by these amazing stunts, I ordered a red arrow as a present for my father.  Sadly, I did not go for the clear-canopy option because I wanted to save a few pesos even though the clear canopy models are just incredible.

Red Arrows Wooden ModelRed Arrows Wooden Model

If you have any interest at all in model aircraft or high quality handcrafted goods, please do have a quick look at their website and see what you think of their clear canopy models.

Here is the link:

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