Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj Prophecy

In April of 2013, a man called Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj visited the Philippines and spoke of his visions.  He spoke of great ruin to be cast by the hand of God.  A great wind would blow through Samar and destroy the land, big floods would hit the country, 70 islands would sink completely and a terrible "flesh-eating disease" would start in Pangasinan, Philippines and later spread and consume the entire world.  The world would be destroyed and the descrution would start in Philippines.  One reason given for this complete  destruction is that Philippines would be punished for not correctly worshipping God.  It could also be suggested that the Catholic Church was founded in the name of Peter and that Catholics are therefore not really Christians (followers of Jesus Christ).

In November 2013 Yolanda hit the Eastern coast of Philippines, Samar, and tore through the country, devastating many provinces, killing thousands and rendering many more homeless.  It was a national disaster.  And now, on Tuesday morning, 25 of February 2014, there appear to have been reported cases of a skin disease spreading through the province of Pangasinan.  This has led to an overnight frenzy, particularly across social media channels on the Internet.

Is God Good All The Time?

Before we rush into a wild panic that God is on a wild rampage against the people of the Earth, I think it would be worth taking a moment to collect our thoughts and to look at a few facts and to ask ourselves a few questions.  These questions are mostly directed to followers of God and the bible:

We should also ask about our prophet:

If you answer yes to all of the first questions and "I don't know" to all of the second batch of questions, then I think you need to stop and look in the mirror and ask yourself one more question:

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj: History of Predictions

We should also take a quick look at his other prophecies and if any of those have come true.  Yes, Yolanda hit the Philippines and did devastate much of the country.  That was correct.  There was also a great deal of flooding.  To be fair, Samar has terrible typhoons most of the time due to its geographic position.  Philippines always has severe flooding, every year, and it is common understanding that water levels are rising and that Philippines is reasonably flat in that it has a lot of land close to sea level.  So these were not really irrational ideas.  It is not unusual at all.  What was unusual was the size and strength of the typhoon.  There are many possible causes and rational explanations for this.  We can look at the weather globally and conclude that weather patterns are becoming more erratic and aggressive, as illustrated by the recent flooding in UK that has left much of the Southern part of the country under water for months!

How about his other prophecies?  Apparently, Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj also predicted that Israel would be destroyed in 2012, with dead bodies lying all over the cities, warplanes littering the skies and a high-rise hotel being hit with a missile.  In 2011 he predicted that the Church would suddenly receive special powers and that priests all over the world would become miracle workers.  These predictions did not come true at all.

The final piece of evidence against Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj comes from the bible itself:

"You may say to yourselves, "How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?" If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken." Deuteronomy 18:21-22b (NIV)

So, if his previous predictions failed to materialise, according to the bible itself, this man is not a man speaking on behalf of God, even if he himself believes that he is.

Is This The Disease To End The World?

Knowing that our man is probably not an officially-endorsed prophet should not eliminate the fears caused by the disease.  So, we should take a look at that.  I believe that two people were discovered with the infection.  It seems likely that the infection is called Necrotizing Fasciitis and that two of the possible causes are eating bad meat or through an infection of an open wound that spreads and develops into the NF disease.  I do not know anything about the people suffering right now, but I can easily imagine that they are perhaps poor people whose food had been infected before preparation due to bad sanitation or even that they were homeless and had eaten dead rats or perhaps that they ate meat that had been disposed of in a trash heap somewhere.  Or just terrible bad fortune.  It is a terrible disease but can be treated to some extent and I wish these people a speedy recovery and an end to their suffering.  I do not expect to find tomorrow that half of Luzon has been hit with an epidemic along the lines of the Black Death of Europe or of Cholera-hit Britain, etc.

Yet Another False Prophet

This is not the first false prophet to enter the world and will not be the last.  These characters pop up once every year or every few years and seem to upset a lot of people.  The world has already ended on thousands of occasions according to many fanatics throughout history, yet we are still here arguing amongst ourselves about the arrival date of armaggedon or which particular god will be the one to crush us.

A recent example of another act of scaremongery was in 2011 when some missionaries from America traveled to Luzon, Philippines and spread the great word that the world would end before Christmas.  I see representatives of this particular organisation in the streets every day, searching for new subscribers.  They are easily identified.  They wear the same uniform and go to special sales training schools in the US to learn to speak the local dialect of the particular province they will be visiting.  I met one in Guimaras who spent two months studying Illonggo and studied local living habits.  He did not speak Tagalog and lived in an apartment wth modern amenities, not at all like a local resident.

We can only speculate as to their motives for spreading such unhappiness, but for sure, the 2011 group were not fully convinced themselves that the world would end for they had not totally abandoned their own lives.  They had return flights booked and had kept up payments on their utility bills etc back home and eventually went back home to reap the rewards, perhaps, of their newly gained income.

When these instances occur, I urge you to look at the credibility of the people issuing the threats.  Analyse their life, their track record and question your own faith in God (or lack of for those of us who do not have a God or who have many gods).

Be Careful: The Devil Comes Disguised

I leave you with one final thought - the devil is the fallen angel, Lucifer.  He was a very important angel in God's Kingdom before he betrayed God and fell.  He is not an idiot.  He has a brain.  He is more intelligent than you and I, that is for sure.  Do you think that when the day comes that he decides to take a day-trip outside of his cauldron to come and visit you, he will be wearing a brand new red-demon halloween outfit, with big shiny horns and a pointy tail?  Do you think he will be sharing gossip, telling party jokes and making everybody laugh?


When the devil comes, he will be dressed as a follower of God or even as Jesus himself and will do everything he can to make you miserable.

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