Music And Films Today Are All Rubbish! Back In My Day...

Do your parents, aunts and uncles, grandparents, always talk about how useless the music and film industry are today and quote endless lists of films, songs, musicians, actors and actresses from times gone by that are far superior to the standard today?

Some young people think these 'oldies' are stuck in the past and do not appreciate that times are changing. Some older people look on the youth of today as losing talent or of taking short cuts and making low quality music and films and of not taking the time to produce really high quality stuff. Well, I have a theory about this.

There is some truth in that old people have been alive for longer, obviously, and therefore typically have experienced more great songs and films than young people and therefore typically do not enjoy watching rubbish. Young people may not yet know the difference as they have less to compare to. So, in that respect, both sides would have a point, but I think there is a more valid point to be made. Every year there are a lot of songs and a lot of films made, most of which are not very good, some of which are good and a handful that are really top quality and very memorable.

This has always been true and continues to be true, so of course, older people talk about films from years gone by that they really appreciated, but they are generally taken from decades worth of film-making, and likewise with songs. So, to anybody out there who thinks that at just over 30 years old, I am stuck in the past, I am not, it's just that most music and films made are meodiocre and always have been, but I just happen to remember some that weren't, such as:

A Fish Called Wander, Blame it on the Bellboy, E.T., It, Dune (by David Lynch), Gremlins, Babel, Labyrinth, Drop Dead Fred, Waterworld...

I also would like to make a special mention to the two worst films I know about. L.A. Confidential, which I have to confess I did not actually see all of, because I fell asleep after ten minutes in the cinema, and The Matrix 2, which is possibly the worst, most painful film I ever managed to sit all the way through (also at the cinema).

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#1: Guest #8 (inqov) - at 13:20 on 28 Aug 2013

Films, television and pop music have not been around for very long.
I don't think they fit well into the category of 'in my day'. It is evident that film makers are running out of ideas, that creativity or quality are no longer the goals, simply numbers of tickets sold - which means targetting the lowest common denominator. Everything is average and senseless because then the average senseless person will pay for it and not be offended by it.
When money becomes the main focus of something, it loses all other values.