It was a vote on the EU not a vote on Europe

circa 52% of Briton voted to leave the European Union (around 70% voted, apparently, so around 40m people). Nobody voted to leave the continent of Europe. Is a European country who is part of the EU more European than a country who does not? Are Greeks, Germans, Latvians or the Italians more European than the people of Switzerland, Macedonia or Norway or Russia? Britain is in Europe, it is a part of Europe. I am British. I am also European and will always remain so. I do not believe being one of the exclusive members of an economic group within Europe is the best position to be in.
I am not discriminating against those countries in that group, anymore than those in the EU are discriminating against those outside of it.
In other news, today, 1m people have signed a petition because they did not like the result. So what? If that number reaches anywhere near to 20,000,000 then it would still be less than the number of people who lost the original vote.

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