Women Stll Do More Housework Than Men - BBC Article

Why is this even a headline?? It really frustrates me that this is news.  This is the link to the article: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-37941191
From the article: "Men averaged 16 hours a week helping out at home compared with 26 by women, with those on maternity leave doing the most."
I wonder how many of those men also worked 40-hour-per-week jobs at the same time?
Let's also remember that this is a country that does discriminate against men in custody battles, preferring to keep children with their mum even if their mother has record of being abusive. Also, a woman is better equipped to carry a baby for 9 months (therefore taking time off work) and is better equipped for breast-feeding. Then, somehow, it's WRONG for women to do more childcare and household chores whilst a man goes to work.
Absolute nonsense. This is not the path to equality. This is just silly.
The path to equality IS NOT trying to make men and women compete in the same arena and trying to insinuate that men and women are the same.  Family roles can be divided however the family wants to divide them.
The path to equality IS recognising that men and women ARE DIFFERENT and are born with different attributes. It is recognising that in a partnership, the partners should share the total workload and find a way that works for them individually and letting them get on with it.
In the Philippines, they seem to get that men and women are not the same, it is very common to see female business managers and government senators and they have also managed to have more female national leaders than the UK and America put together.
In the West we have some nice ideas, but sometimes we get it so, so wrong.

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