How I transfer money to Philippines

I use an online remittance company called TransferWise.  I have been using their service for about three months so far after they were recommended to me by a relative and a close friend.

TW can transfer your money between currencies and bank accounts in different countries at a very favourable exchange rate, with a minimal transfer fee. Each transfer can take up to two days.

TW accept payments by local bank transfer or credit card payment into virtually any currency, convert it to your destination currency at an excellent rate and then send your money by local bank transfer to your chosen bank account in your destination country.

It is also possible to send money through their service using Paypal (see my article "Using Paypal with TransferWise").

Their service has saved me quite a bit of money on transfer fees and exchange rates, which is why I continue to use them and want to recommend them to everybody else.

If you do try TransferWise please use this referral link: you will be able to make your first transfer for free and I would also be credited with referring you.  When you first click the link just check out the fees and then please bookmark that page so you may return to it easily, but please, please compare their rates to your bank's rates and Western Union's rates first to make sure you use the service that is most profitable and convenient to you.

Click here to try TransferWise for free now

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