Photographing my feet in Spain 2003

I started this website for a number of reasons.

The final catalyst was Facebook. I had a sequence of events mostly of similar ilk - some people posted things that I responded to with an opinion and the people in question did not really appreciate it much. I will write some articles on that too, but in short I realised that many people are not interested in learning what anybody else thinks, or in sharing their own views.

I happen to enjoy discussing what I think and feel and also enjoy listening to others points of views and discussing the differences. It is through this process that you learn and develop and grow. Anyway, seeing as many others are offended by this, I stopped writing comments on facebook and was then immediately encouraged to start again by some of my friends and associates who do actually enjoy reading my ramblings - and responding!

I therefore decided to create this site, where those who want to read and/or participate can do so, and those who have no interest in my thoughts on anything at all are spared! And I get to rant as much as I like without necessarily offending anybody who does not choose to be offended!